• Birthday Party

Best Birthday Party Idea for Ladies in Nashville

Unfortunately we do NOT have a show in Nashville at this time. We are seeking a location.

It's that time, another year older. the good news is, it's time to party! Indulge in a birthday party celebration at Hunk Mansion in Nashville, TN. We'll keep you youthful and feeling beautiful! One year after another. You'll love how the hunks look at you with desire in their eyes. It's intoxicating for sure. This is a special day. Hunk Mansion is the club to have a birthday party to remember! We're here to make you feel special from the second you enter the room. Up until time you blow out the candle and say good bye! Please make your reservation ahead of time. We'll have the hunks pumped up and waiting for your arrival!

Love Having the Birthday Girl in the Hot Seat

Set that up with the man of your choosing. Pics are allowed!

Birthday Girl on Stage
Birthday Party Blast with Hot Male Dancers

All here to entertain you the Birthday Girl!

Birthday Party with Hot Male Dancers

Hunk Mansion Birthday Party Pics